About Me

I'm Catrin, a 21 year old English Literature student from Wales. I have a passion for cooking (and eating), but baking has always been my calling. I plan to use this blog to shout about the joys of mixing batters and doughs to anyone who will listen. I've been making cakes, breads and pastries for my family for as long as I can remember, and have loved improving my skills along the way.

After uni I'd love to open my own bakery or coffee shop in a small touristy town somewhere, and I'm already collecting ideas for recipes I could make and sell there, as well as decor, design and crafty things (check out my Pinterest page). I like to see this little blog as a way of documenting my experiments, failures and successes, and to share my passion with you all.

Thank you for visiting my tiny corner of the web,


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