Friday, 16 May 2014

Wedding Cake No. 3

This was my final run through before the real thing in July. As with other trials, this post will mostly be pictures of the finished cake, and an encouragement to try making an occasion cake if you're halfway serious about baking and have enough time on your hands. Saying that, this took me less than two days from start to finish. I baked the cakes in the evening, then filled, iced, and stacked them the next day, and was done by early afternoon. Recipes can be found here.

My Gran made the bottom tier or fruitcake (wouldn't have been my choice but it's what they wanted), and very kindly iced it for me. The second tier was sponge with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, and the smallest tier was red velvet with cream cheese.

I invested 6 quid in some decent cutters from my local market and dried the fondant flowers in the hollows of egg boxes to give them a little shape.

Only thing I'd say would be to make the flowers in advance so they have plenty of time to dry and harden, meaning they'll be less likely to break when you're putting them on the cake. Also, for the real real thing I'll probably use royal icing to stick the decorations on as it's a much better colour match than buttercream. It also sets rock solid so hopefully flower casualties will be minimal.

As with the other trial runs, this was a lot of fun, and well worth a go, if you're into that kind of thing. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration from this post. It might sound insane but wedding cakes aren't nearly as hard to make as they look!

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