Friday, 8 November 2013

Exciting News...

When I was at home over the weekend, I was asked to make a wedding cake for my cousin next July. Very exciting. It'll be a joint effort between my Gran and myself, as the couple want a combination of fruit and sponge cakes (you know how I feel about fruitcake). This will also mean lots of experimenting with fondant (a lot less forgiving that the buttercream of my first wedding cake trial run) hopefully, we'll learn together. Still, this is most exciting, and fingers crossed I'll be able to try out a scaled down version over Christmas! I'm looking forward to the chance to make another full-scaled cake creation, and have already started gathering ideas for a practice run... 

Watch this space!

If you're interested, there are plenty more pictures of wedding cakes, decorations and pretty wedding things on my Pinterest board.

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