Monday, 26 August 2013

A Bit Of Admin


It has been pointed out to me (guess who by) that I give the impression that my parents are complete cretins when it comes to the kitchen, and that my brothers and I were raised on ready meals and frozen pizzas. This was definitely NOT the case. I believe the words I used in my bio were 'my parents are somewhat culinarily challenged', 'somewhat' meaning 'maybe a little', not 'completely culinarily challenged' as it had been exaggerated to by the end of a heated discussion this afternoon. My parents can cook, just not as well as me, something to which I hope they will willingly admit. Because it's true. We've all had our kitchen blunders *echem* mum's bean and cornflake casserole *echem*, but I've been there too (well, maybe not quite as bad as that). It happens to the best of us. Whereas I like to experiment with and create dishes from ingredients lying around, my parents, like a lot of other people, like to follow recipes or cook things they know for sure will work. There's nothing wrong with that at all. But it can get a little boring, I find. (Although I will never get bored of my mum's tuna lasagne) So perhaps the correct phrase to describe my parents isn't 'culinarily challenged', it's 'lacking in a sense of culinary adventure'.
There. I'm glad we cleared that up.

Are you happy now, mum?


  1. oh dear.
    hahahaha. I feel guilty for some reason.

    1. A previous comment of yours was mentioned, yes. Hahahaha!! They love it really.

    2. hahahahahahaha.
      Oh dear indeed.
      I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. (Out of guilt! Out of guilt.)
      Please ask them to forgive me.

    3. Well, it wasn't ALL your fault....I did try to defend you. As long as I'm setting the record straight, it doesn't matter!

    4. Just say....
      I never once imagined they would have fed you and your brothers ready made meals all the time.
      I hope they understand I understood your evaluation of their culinary skills as mild humour.... Althoughhhh I guess I did play along with it by making such a comment. hahahaha.

      Oh man. I'm thinking way too much about something I KNOW I needn't. hahahahaha. Oh dear. Oh dear. I can't stop grinning. Soz.

    5. Hahahaha!! I'm glad you read it as mild humour, I don't know why they didn't, I only intended it to be exactly that. It's all true though, (minus the ready meals etc) that's the worst part!