Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Wedding Cake Saga - Part 5 - Stacking

I didn't take any photos of this stage, mainly because I was too worried about messing up the alignment of the tiers, and/or breaking the cakes when moving them around. This was probably the most stressful and nerve wracking part of the whole process.

First, I inserted Wilton wooden dowels into the bottom and middle tiers, 5 in a circle, and two in the center of both tiers, about 2 inches from the edge. I paced the rims of the next tier's cake tins down on the bottom and middle tiers to give a guideline of where the cakes were going to rest and where I needed to place the dowel rods (the dowels should be about 1'' from the edge of the outside of the tier above). Inserting the dowels into the first and second tiers should be done before you stack the cakes. Because there were so many, marking and trimming the dowels was a long and quite boring process, but I wanted to do it properly because a sound structure is one of, if not the most important part of your wedding cake. You don't want tiers sliding off in the middle of your reception, after all.

I had no real method to stacking the tiers. I just used the impressions of the cake tins as a guide line, which helped a lot actually, and sort of dropped the next tier on top from a very low height. This was quite messy because of the thick layer of buttercream on the cakes, so I had to do some clearing up with a spatula. I wasn't to concerned about getting the joins between the tiers perfect, because I piped a border of beads in the same buttercream on afterwards. Many wedding cake makers stick a large wooden dowel through the top tier and down through the whole cake once it's finished to secure all the tiers together, but as this cake isn't being transported anywhere, I didn't really see the need for that. I'll definitely be doing that on the real cake though, I'm not going to be taking any chances.

 Next post will be pictures of the finished cake!

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