Monday, 15 July 2013


Setting up a food blog is something I've been seriously considering for a while. To be honest, I don't know what's stopped me before. Though I should probably say the answer was school work, or exams, it would be more truthful to say that (like most newbie bloggers I suppose!) I was scared of it being just a bit naff. But, now that my A levels are over and I'm officially done (eek!) I say 'screw that!', and 'what have I got to lose?!' If nothing else writing for a blog will keep me entertained during the long British summer holidays, with their increasingly frustrating bi-polar weather.

But one thing did give me the push I needed to start this blog. Last year, my older brother got engaged to his girlfriend of five years. Naturally, my first question to them both was 'WHO'S MAKING THE CAKE?' I've been responsible for every family birthday or special occasion cake for as long as I can remember, including the engagement cake I made for them:

would anyone like a tutorial?
Over the years, some efforts have been more successful than others, but I always find it so much fun to just experiment and create, even if the results weren't as aesthetically pleasing as they could have been. Never mind, you learn from your mistakes, eh? Besides, I thought, I'd have plenty of time to practise, and my watching of every single episode of 'Cake Boss' and 'Say Yes To The Dress' should be qualification enough in itself...

Anyway, I didn't think there was a great chance they'd let me make their wedding cake, given that I'd never made one before, and, let's face it, the making best single tiered birthday cake in the world is nothing compared to the scale of a full sized, beautifully decorated wedding creation. By some miracle (or them being two students who don't want to shell out hundreds of pounds on a cake when they could have a 'perfectly good one' made for them more than willingly for about 30 quid) they asked me to make their cake. Hurrah! And 'oh dear.' this cake will actually be on display in front of hundreds of family and friends, and will have to stay looking good all day on a hot July day...Luckily, they're not tying the knot for another two years yet, which gives me plenty of time to get creative and experiment, something which I could not be more excited about. I've wanted to make a wedding cake, or at least a multi-tiered cake for ages, but there's not really an excuse to bake a cake that would serve 200 when there are only thirteen people in your ENTIRE family. So as you can imagine I am jumping at the chance to get as many test runs in as possible before the real thing, even if that means force feeding my relatives and their friends slabs of cake until I get it right. Oh well, I'm sure there won't be that many complaints.

Join me as I attempt to make my very first wedding cake...more posts to follow...

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